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Two Pound

Double sovereigns
The first double sovereign was struck in 1485 for Henry VII, although it may have been intended as a treble sovereign. It was produced from the same dies as the sovereign, but on a thicker, heavier flan. It is thought that they may have been struck for presentation purposes only as piedforts, literally "heavy weight". They are extremely rare.
This early type of double sovereign was also issued for Edward VI in 1553, and these also are extremely rare.

Modern Two Pounds
The modern two pound gold coin was introduced in 1820 and is often called a double sovereign. The design generally reflects that of the sovereign, so that the reverse usually features Benedetto Pistrucci's magnificent rendition of Saint George slaying the dragon.

George III - The Double Sovereign Re-introduced
The gold double sovereign, was first struck in 1820 for George III, although it was not issued for circulation, being only a proof pattern coin. The modern sovereign had been re-introduced in 1817.
An ordinary circulation version was produced in 1823, and obviously proved quite popular as specimens turn up quite frequently in worn condition. .

The proof-only version was produced in 1826 for king George IV as part of the Coronation proof set, but like the 1820, this was not intended for circulation

Although no five pound coins were issued for King William IV, double sovereigns were struck in 1831. This also was a proof-only version, not intended for circulation.
None were produced bearing Queen Victoria's young head.
All of the above proof coins are rare and expensive.

Victoria's Golden Jubilee
In 1887, a larger quantity of two pound coins was produced on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee. They were produced in proof editions, and for only the second time, a normal circulation type version. Similarly in 1893, two versions of the two pound piece were produced to mark the change to the "Old Head" coin issues.

Twentieth Century. King Edward VII
In 1902 there was a coronation issue of coins which included another two pound coin, again in two versions. A small quantity were also struck as proofs at the Sydney mint. These are extremely rare.
Only small numbers of two pound coins turn up which show much sign of having been used in circulation, although more than for the five pound gold piece. These are all from the four issues of 1823, 1887, 1893, and 1902. It is evident from this that the two pound gold piece was never really much used in everyday transactions. Future issues were never used for circulation.

King George V
King George V's coronation in 1911 was marked by the issue of proof coins sets, some of which included a gold two pounds.

Although pattern coinage was prepared for King Edward VIII, no British coins were issued bearing his portrait, even for collectors.

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, proof sets were issued, but contained denominations from the crown down to farthing. Gold coin specimens were produced, but none were issued, even for collectors.

The coronation of King George VI, proof coin sets were issued in 1937 including a two pounds.

King George IV

King William IV,

A Brief History of the Gold Two Pound Coin Part  1

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