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This latter rule stems from

the logic that a smaller amount of detail needs to be present

because a small area is being used to grade the whole coin.

The Very Fine (VF) coin will have about 75% of the original detail

visible. Or, on a coin with no inner detail, there will be moderate wear

over the entire coin. Corners of letters and numbers may be weak. A

small grading area will have about 66% of the original detail.

For Fine (F), there will be about 50% of the original detail visible.

Or, on a coin with no inner detail, there will be fairly heavy

wear over all of the coin. Sides of letters will be weak. A typically

uncleaned coin will often appear as dirty or dull. A small grading

area will have just under 50% of the original detail.

On the Very Good (VG) coin, there will be about 25% of the

original detail visible. There will be heavy wear on all of the coin.

The Good (G) coin's design will be clearly outlined but with

substantial wear. Some of the larger detail may be visible.

rim may have a few weak spots of wear.

On the About Good (AG) coin, there will typically be only a

silhouette of a large design. The rim will be worn down into the

letters if any.

Strong or weak strikes, partially weak strikes, damage, corrosion,

attractive or unattractive toning, dipping or cleaning should

be described along with the above grades. These factors affect

the quality of the coin just as do wear and loss of detail, but are

easier to describe.

On the Extremely Fine (XF or EF) coin, there will be about

95% of the original detail visible. Or, on a coin with a design with

no inner detail to wear down, there will be a light wear over nearly

all the coin. If a small design is used as the grading area, about

90% of the original detail will be visible.

King George III 1797 Twopence Cartwheel Coin

In grading world coins, there are two elements to look for: 1)

Overall wear, and 2) loss of design details, such as strands of

hair, feathers on eagles, designs on coats of arms, etc.

The age, rarity or type of a coin should not be a consideration

in grading.

Grade each coin by the weaker of the two sides. This method

appears to give results most nearly consistent with conservative

American Numismatic Association standards for U.S. coins. Split

grades, i.e., F/VF for obverse and reverse, respectively, are normally

no more than one grade apart. If the two sides are more than

one grade apart, the series of coins probably wears differently on

each side and should then be graded by the weaker side alone.

Grade by the amount of overall wear and loss of design detail

evident on each side of the coin. On coins with a moderately small

design element, which is prone to early wear, grade by that design

alone. For example, the 5-ore (KM#554) of Sweden has a crown

above the monogram on which the beads on the arches show

wear most clearly. So, grade by the crown alone.

For Brilliant Uncirculated (BU) grades there will be no visible

signs of wear or handling, even under a 30-power microscope. Full

mint luster will be present. Ideally no bags marks will be evident.

For Uncirculated (Unc.) grades there will be no visible signs

of wear or handling, even under a 30-power microscope. Bag

marks may be present.

For Almost Uncirculated (AU), all detail will be visible. There

will be wear only on the highest point of the coin. There will often

be half or more of the original mint luster present.

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                        Penny 1860


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                         Penny 1947

King George VI


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