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Text Box:  Updated 25/3/2010

After the reign of King George II ended the sixpence was not minted for 29 years and thus when it was reintroduced in 1787 the coins were hoarded leading to a plentiful supply of good coins today. There followed a further 29 years with no new sixpences being minted. In 1798 it was reported that the sixpence in circulation were so worn that they were on average 38% under weight .The sixpences minted after 1816 remained as legal tender up to 1980 when the sixpence was finally demonetized

George IV - 1821 - 1829

In 1826 the design of the head used on the sixpence was changed to feature a head with no laurel crown, the sixpence was the last silver coin to lose this feature. The King George IV sixpence is a fine coin and collectors look to find one in Extra Fine condition or better - Are worth lot more

William IV - 1831 1837

These coins are noteworthy in that under the reign of King William IV the coins bore the words {Six Pence} for the first time. Coins from this period are fairly common and may be purchased quite reasonably in Very Fine condition or better.

Victoria - 1838 - 1901

During the reign of Queen Victoria in excess of one million sixpence were minted each year. To mark the Golden Jubilee in 1887 a new design was made - unfortunately this design was so similar to the half sovereign that many sixpence were gilded and passed off as the more expensive gold coin. To overcome this the words {Six Pence} were reintroduced. Victoria Old Head Coin Picture Click Here

Edward VIII - 1937

Due to the abdication of the king no coinage was officially minted under King Edward VIII in 1937. What coins do exist were probably patterns and are extremely rare and expensive.

Edward VII - 1902 - 1910

The portrait on the sixpence of King Edward VII were the first to be engraved using a mechanical reducing machine. These dies were then hand finished. Coins from this period are plentiful although many show large amounts of wear. Coins in Extra Fine condition are desirable and worth a lot more.

George V - 1911 - 1936

Together with other silver coinage of the time, the silver content was reduced to 50% in 1920. In 1927 the reverse side design was changed to show six acorns - this design was somewhat cruelly referred to as the 'garden of weeds'

Elizabeth II - 1953 –1970

The first Elizabeth II sixpence was minted in 1953 - The sixpence saw one last issue in 1970 as part of a boxed proof set. The sixpence, including all of those minted after 1815 remained legal tender until 1980 valued at two and a half new pence.

George VI - 1937 - 1952

In 1947 the metal used to make the sixpence was changed to cupro-nickel. No sixpence minted after this date contains any silver. Due to the relatively recent manufacture of these coins collectors seek to purchase them in mint condition

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George III - 1787 - 1820