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        British Coin Price Guide



British Coin Price Guide

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 George III Gold Sovereign Coin 1817   

Victoria  Farthing Bun Head Coin 1895  

George IV 1826 Bare Head Coin Sovereign   

F- £200 - V.F -£400 - E.F -£800 -  UNC -£1.400

 F - £240—V.F-£400—E.F-£800—UNC-£1400.

F-£10—V.F-£20—E.F-£45 —UNC-£100

20 mm Bronze Weight 2.84gs  Mintage 2.852.853

 1881 , 1880 type. known.
Lot 328, est. £2000-£2500

Exceptional Bronze Proof Pennies, Rarely Available.

George III Penny 1806 Soho Mint Birmingham Copper 35mm Weight 18.876gs    

Type 2 No Incuse Of Hair Curl             

F -£8 -V.Fine -£40- E.Fine -£100 - UNC -£220

Type 1 Incuse Of Hair Curl   F -£8 -V.Fine -£25-E.Fine -£55-UNC -£170

Gold Victoria Jubilee Head Sovereign Coin 1887     

F- BV-V.Fine -£100 - E.Fine -£150 -UNC -£200

William IV Four Pence Goat Coin 1836  925  Silver 16mm Weight 1.89gs 

F- £5- V.F -£20- E.F -£40- UNC -£90


Text Box:  Updated 14/5/2017


The 1881 Proof (Freeman 104). An exceptionally rare type with between 2 and 5 examples known. A transitional issue using the dies type of 1880 but with the 1881 date and only struck as a bronzed Proof Coin. Examples of this type only come to market very occasionally. Graded as having ‘only the lightest cabinet friction, a streaky tone on the obverse, but otherwise as struck with extensive lustre and residual brilliance.’ 



Among the rarest of the British bronze Penny series, 1860-1967, are specimens struck as Proofs. A selection  of exceptional examples of these rare Proof Pennies   



est. £1200-£1500