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British Coin Price Guide

Mr: Robert Woods  I began dealing in antique coins in 1981. We are based in Liverpool in the UK. Today i issue a number of pages in catalogue every two months.


Website British Coin Price Guide Is knowing around  world  . It is a free coin price guide website to help  people  fined  how much their coins our worth . I do have 100’s of emails  every mount asking me about  grading of  coins and how much coins worth  and unknowing coins Rare coins. I were one of the first British coin dealers to go on the Internet in 1997  with a free Coin Price Guide website . . I specialise In English material and Foreign Material covering the full range of coins .


I pride myself on my sincere grading and reasonable prices.  I am well known for My friendly and honest service and have many clients around the world.



Robert Woods was born in 1953 and obtained his first coins in 1971. My love of coins  started when i was 8 years old  . I do have 1000’s of coins from all over the world for sale . I started buy at 8 years old and started selling at 17 years old  . I have  red 100’s of books on English and Irish and Foreign coins. I do keep up to date with the prices of coin each week . As you know i do run British Coin Price Guide free website .


For Sale

We do have  1000’s  of  English and Irish and Foreign coins some very rare  for sale  at fare prices  


We do grade our own coins . We know all about grading and pricing of coins, We have been pricing and grading  coins for over  13 years now on our website  British Coin Price Guide . We  do keep up to date with Spink and other top coin dealers around the world.


Best way for us to send coin items is by Recorded Delivery to our buyers, We will send coin items to the buyer by Recorded Delivery only, To make saw the buyer get the coins that they pay for;.



Payment in Sterling, US Dollars or Euros preferred. We are happy to accept: Cash, Cheque, Travellers Cheque or PayPal