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To Advertise: your coins on my website I will need from you .£6.20 Payment + Email + Photos + Description + Price .

1 . I will need a Email or Tel: Number: That the buyer can contact you on, and arrange the payment for the sale of your coin.

2 . Photos: Email me both sides of your coin that you are selling, Try to make them good quality photos. The better the photo the better the chance of selling your coin.

3 . Email Me The Description: of the coin you are going to advertise on my website ( like King Edward VII 1903 in V.Fine, and any More  other information about your coin i need to know . That you want me to add to the advertisement of your coin.

4 . Email me The Price: that you want to sell your coin item for, please add in coin item price + postage and its better to offer a return   refund Policy to you buyer too, I will advise you via email about how much the coins are most likely to sell for. The price of your coin is   your decision ,

5 . Sale of your coin: When you sell your coin you have to notify us via Email, That you have sold your coin Then we can list your coin as,  sold item on our website. Email: us the same day you sell your coin item on. This is very important to us .

7 . What Do Sellers Get For Their Money: ? Advertise Coin Photos + Your Texts + Price + Email, We will put your coins for sale on two of  our website pages for 3 months. Click Here Take a look at this advertisement

Pay Advertisement Fee of £6.20 : Pay By PayPal  or Cheque or Postal Order or Cash ,

When i receive your PayPal Payment or Cheque or Postal Orders or Cash, Once Payment has been cleared. I will  advertise your coin.

Fill In your Details below and click submit, Ill Email You back with our address for you to make a payment

Advertise Your Coin On This Website For Only Just  £6.20 , For Each Coin Item . For 3 Months

3. I will send coin item by Recorded Delivery Postage

5. Other information you want to put on your advertisement

4. I will offer a return refund Policy on this coin item

2. Coin Item Price + Postage £--.--?  

Fill in Coin Details i Need To Know Like:

1. King Edward VII 1902  Grade Very Fine

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 Cheque or Postal Order or Cash

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