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Updated on 27/08/2012
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Kingdom of East Anglia, attributable to the reign of King Aldwulf (663-c.714) and Ælfwald (c.713-749), Secondary Sceattas,  Silver Sceatta, 0.78g., a mint in East Anglia, Series R, retrograde runic legend, crowned bust right,rev.,  Standard"with TOTII within a square, (Metcalf - North 157; S. 832),  worth about £200-£260
The Kingdom of Northumbria, Eanred (810-840),Base Silver Sceatta,1.15g., moneyer Monne,EANRED REX ,around a cross, rev., MONNE, around a cross, (N.186; S.860),worth bout £200-£240
The Kingdom of Mercia, Burgred (852-874),   Penny, 1.25g., Lunette type, BMC Type A moneyer Osmund, -BVRGRED REX, diademed bust right, rev., MON OSMVND ETA, in three lines in and between two unbroken lunettes (N.423; S.938), extremely fine, a full round, fully struck up coin, Sold for £1.230
Richard III (1483-1485), Groat, 2.99g., London mint, m.m. Halved Sun and Rose (1), facing bust of King, RICARD DI GRA REX ANGL FRANC, rev., long cross with trefoil of pellets in each angle, POSVI DEVM ADIVITOREM MEVM, CIVITAS LONDON (N.1679; S.2154), good very fine, rare, toned. £1.722 selling by York Coins
HENRY VIII (1509-1547), Halfgroat, 1.24g., 2nd Coinage, Canterbury, Archbishop William Warham, m.m. Cross Patonce, (1526-1532), youthful own portrait of king right, saltire stops, HENRI' VIII DI G R AGL Z F, rev., quartered royal arms over long cross fourchée, W A either side, CIVITAS CANTOR (N.1802; S.2343), good very fine, toned Sold For £181 by York Coins
Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Threepence, 0.90g., Second Issue, Tower mint, m.m. Cross Crosslet (1560-61),. crowned bust left, ELIZABETH D G ANG FR ET HI REGINA, rev., Royal shield over cross fourchée, POSVI:DEV'ADIVTOREM· MEV:, (N.1987; S.2557), good portrait, hairline on bust, an attractive very fine. Getting Sold By York Coins For About £181 Pounds
A Rare Anglo-Saxon silver penny dating back to the ninth century has been discovered near Dorking by a member of a metal detecting club.
The coin, which has been identified as coming from the reign of Beornwulf, king of Mercia between 823-825AD, now features on the British Museum's Portable Antiquities Scheme website.
Surrey's finds liaison officer, David Williams, said it was only the second Anglo-Saxon silver penny he had seen in the county in more than 30 years of recording discoveries, the other being unearthed several years ago in Brockham.
Mr Williams said the coin, found earlier this month, was minted by Eadgar, a moneyer in East Anglia.
Mr Williams said his colleague, Dr John Naylor, finds advisor at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, believed there are only about two dozen coins still in existence.
"Only about 25 Beornwulf coins are known, so this is a very nice find indeed and very rare," said Mr Williams.
In a quest for power in 825AD, King Beornwulf took his army towards East Anglia but he was killed in a skirmish.
Two years earlier, he had attempted to overpower the Wessex army near Swindon but had been driven back.
More Rare Finds By Metal Detector

A pure gold cross dating from the 7th century has been discovered by a man with a metal detector.

The inch-long piece of Anglo Saxon jewellery is made out of 18-carat gold and was probably worn as a pendant.

Experts believe the English-made piece could be worth at least £25,000.



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