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The Guinea coin of 1663 was the first British machine-struck gold coin. The first one was produced on 6 February 1663 (1662 Old Style), and was made legal currency by a Proclamation of 27 March 1663. 44 and one half guineas would be made from one Troy pound of 11/12 fineness gold, each weighing 129.4 grains. The denomination was originally worth one pound, or twenty shillings, but an increase in the price of gold during Charles II's reign led to it being traded at a premium. In 1670 the weight of the coin was reduced from 8.4-8.5 grams to 8.3-8.4 grams, but the price of gold continued to increase, and by the 1680s the coin was worth 22 shillings. The diameter of the coin was 25 millimeters throughout Charles II's reign, and the average gold content (from an assay done in 1773) was 0.9100. "Guinea" was not an official name for the coin, but much of the gold used to produce the early coins came from Guinea in Africa, the Africa Company having a charter which allowed them to put their symbol, an elephant or later an elephant and castle, beneath the king's effigy on the coins, and the term "guinea" originated from this. The coin was produced each year between 1663 and 1684, with the elephant appearing on some coins each year from 1663-5 and 1668, and the elephant and castle on some coins from 1674 onwards. Lots More >> Click Here

Guinea of William III

1699 with elephant and castle mintmark.

Guinea of

Charles II, 1668 with elephant mintmark.

Queen Anne

King Charles II

King James II

King William - Queen Mary

Pictures of One Guinea Coins

King William III


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